Monday, November 14, 2011

Unleash The Power Of Joomla CMS With Extensions

Joomla is one of the most popular content management platforms and a little bit of knowledge can help anyone to setup a website. Joomla web hosting comes with a host of extensions that enables you to add online applications conveniently. With a little bit of assistance from your website hosting providers you would be able to add an array of interesting functionalities to your website. There are a couple of extensions that would help largely in creating a truly powerful website with the help of Joomla and some of them include:


This is an advanced WYSIWYG editor that can be configured and it does include various formats including media, images, file and link handling, plug-in support and an administration interface.

SEO patch:

With Joomla 1.5, this free SEO patch resolves the problems related to settings on the html head section. This gives you complete access to the Meta tags and title settings in the http header settings.

Google Verify:

In order to make the task of Google Webmasters Tools verification much simpler, this Google verify extension is absolutely perfect. It functions perfectly with Meta tag and template adjustments are not required.


This particular extension is a sitemap component for Joomla and it gives you the access to decide which menu you would like to have on your site map.

Phoca Photo Gallery:
This component is meant for the photo gallery, which allows you to add multiple categories and even child objects.


This extension performs the function of the FTP thereby allowing you to edit, delete, copy, modify, and archive your files and directories on your web hosting server directly.


This is an e-commerce solution that is a complete component and perfectly integrates with Joomla.


This is an open source backup component that allows you to create a site backup and it can rebuild on any Joomla web hosting server.

Overall, all these extensions combine to enhance the functionalities of Joomla hosting solutions and ensure the customers derive the maximum out of this platform.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why Reseller Web Hosting Providers Prefer Linux?

Linux enjoys an upper hand when it comes to web hosting services because its high level of flexibility and functionality has made it a preferred option over the other platforms. Besides being an open source platform, Linux is also extremely secure and reliable thereby ensuring a website hosted on Linux is always running securely. There are different types of web hosting services and those who decide to become Linux website hosting reseller benefit largely from offering Linux based hosting to their clients.

Basically a reseller host is the one who purchases space in bulk from big hosting companies and further redistributes the space to other website owners. Reseller website hosting providers are entrepreneurs that lease out time and space from someone else's web host's server rather than own their own server. Due to the wide array of advantages that the Linux platform offers, website hosting resellers use Linux to offer affordable and effective hosting plans to their customers.

Affordable Reseller hosting plans is completely possible with Linux because of its suite of advantages and benefits and some of them include:

Advantages of using Linux

Linux offers a host of advantages that makes it one of the most preferred platforms for using Linux Server for hosting purposes. Some of the advantages include:

Open Source Software:

One of the primary advantages that Linux enjoys is that it offers an open source platform. This means that there is no need to pay licensing fee and therefore everyone can download and use it on any server.

Linux Conversion:

Linux is extremely flexible since it gives you the opportunity to easily convert a Linux based website into a Windows website. The Linux website hosting server can also easily incorporate various user requirements.

Security and Stability:

In comparison to other platforms, Linux is known to be more secure and stable. Since the software can be easily downloaded therefore this prevents the platform from fewer attacks and it even makes it a completely stable and economical option.

Friday, April 8, 2011

cPanel Hosting is Reliable & Secure Hosting Services. Is It True?

Now a days web hosting control panel is being considered a worthy panel form the entire series. It takes years for a newbie to manage his own website, email and web hosting accounts. To manage the web hosting control panel is one of the very important task these days. There are different control panel in the industry and majority of web hosting provider does not offer multiple panel to their clients for free. A user has to switch from one hosting provider to another service provider for his comfort. Each web hosting control panel has its own pros and cons. Control panels offers a variety of features to users as well as the hosting provider. But two widely preferred and offer web hosting control panels are cPanel. These are easy to use and provide easy to use interface for users.

Of the entire control panel available in the industry, cPanel website hosting is the most collected and the most commonly preferred control panel. This panel is offered to clients widely by hosting provider. Professional website hosting providers offer affordable cPanel with many free Content Management System like phpBB2, Nucleus, pMachine, WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, PHPauction panel and much more control than are actually ready to install the application on web hosting packages.

According to the cPanel user reviews should provide an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). In the search for a web hosting package that offers cPanel, make sure you have the latest version. cPanel upgrades and updates quite regularly. Despite having a hosting plan with cPanel PHP with an earlier version, you may have to offer to host the latest version. Most professional website hosting will not cost you anything in this update.

The advantage of using the latest updated version of control panel is that you experience the last function with greater speed and advanced security, which ensure any of the control panel you can choose who should sign on the web. Can be used anywhere and at any computer connected to the Internet. When the control panel based on the Web, where you are, you can always update your site, manage email, etc in the hosting control panel, you can manage all areas. When the control panel lets you add, delete, edit news web sites.

You have full control of domain names, Internet websites and files. Control panel having the cpanel provides statistical tools as a part of site maintenance. Most users of these tools to monitor statistics requested statistics AW. This tool analyzes traffic based on several variables such as geographic location of visitors in the keywords database log file no longer takes the visitor on your site, etc.

Features such as FTP access to statistics, the disk space and utility of the bandwidth is a statistical format in addition to site statistics.

The appropriate and fastest download processing media data of any kind on its web hosting account via FTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You are able to make changes on the website at some point. In short, you have complete control over your site. Today, Web hosting companies offer different hosting packages which include website control panel cPanel. Make sure they offer the latest version of the control panel.

You can enumerate briefly some of the companies that offer this service. Thus, on the basis of other parameters to select a host, you choose one that offers the service most suitable for very affordable prices.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Benefit of Dedicated Hosting then Shared Hosting

When you see the price of any hosting plan then you found that shared hosting prices are low then other hosting services and why not if you are beginner and want start up online business then this one is good option for your dude. But when your business is growing day to day and you then this hosting type is suitable to you? I don’t thinks so. But as per my way dedicated hosting is the best hosting option for you when your business boundaries are spreading day to day

If you are small business owner and not capable to spend more money behind hosting plan and only just start up your business then cheap php hosting is the best option for you coz this hosting services offers you latest tools like shopping cart, payment gateway system and 24 back up facilities

Okie if you have budgetary constraints and confuse for choosing shared hosting or VPS hosting then I advised your choose VPS website hosting instead of shared web hosting why coz VPS hosting is one type of dedicated server hosting and its best option to placed your website on secured hosting server. In dedicated hosting you get your own hosting server from website hosting provides instead of web host’s common web server also no one can harm your hosting server. Once when you think your business is increasing rapidly and you want to add more and more services then this VPS hosting is the best coz on virtual private server each partition behave as separate server so you don’t face website loading problem and as per SEO concern if you site lording time is more then you lost your valuable customer which happen with shared web hosting services.

Dedicate server hosting is the best option for online shopping cart or for that website which having multiple business transaction in some hours coz dedicated hosting provides you total security then other hosting types.

You can get more and more benefits with using dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting
  1. You can get more and more web spaces and bandwidth which feet with your requirement
  2. You can upgrade your web hosting bandwidth once you have purchased hosting and this is important for your business online web traffic
  3. You can get additional high level security services with dedicated hosting
  4. In dedicate hosting you can upload any program or run any tools on your hosting server
  5. If you want high level security which prevent stolen your useful information during your business transaction time then dedicated hosting is the best options
Finally when you moving shared hosting to dedicated hosting services then you can get all above benefits of dedicated hosting so thinks twice about dedicated hosting during choosing hosting plan purchase

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Numerous Advantages of PHP web hosting

PHP platform is one of the most strong, reliable and robust platforms that offer a large number of benefits to anyone looking to harness its true potential in developing dynamic web pages. There are many web hosting providers who choose to offer hosting services on PHP platform because they realize the number of benefits this platform offers is truly valuable. One of the core benefits of using PHP web hosting is that it is an open source platform and therefore there is no need to purchase any specific license to use PHP. Anyone can just download and start using PHP as per their respective requirements. It is not only about the cost because being an open source platform also means that it is quite secure and the chances of it being hacked or suffering security threats is minimal. Some other benefits of using PHP include:

  • Since PHP is an open source platform therefore it can also be embedded into HTML pages that are important for generating dynamic web pages.
  • The need to compile scripting files does not exist at all and one also doesn’t need to learn additional tools in order to publish it successfully on the website.
  • PHP hosting services offer a great deal of flexibility and is even easy to learn therefore any PHP hosting provider can gain experience and offer really good hosting services.
  • PHP hosting also allows the user to store cookies thereby helping them to personalize the application and they would not be required to re-enter the information again.
  • PHP is one of the most compatible platforms and functions exceptionally with both the previous and the current versions of PHP scripts.
Finally you can find many hosting providers who claims they are providing reliable php hosting solutions but is it true? As per my way find the website hosting providers who support the latest version as well old version of PHP with latest php my admin, CGI-BIN hosting features.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Information About WordPress Web Hosting

Finding word press web hosting services is not that challenging. With a sharp increase in the rate of blogging, WordPress has started allying with partners and many WordPress hosting top lists have been released to users. Visitors get to scout for the best host for WordPress which would not only support this application but ensure that the potential of this blogging tool is exceeded by miles.

WordPress Web Hosting ensures high standards of blogging as users get freely hosted variations as well as self hosted variations. The functionality of the blog site increases manifold and its efficacy can be well judged through these hosting services.

Affordable WordPress web hosting services are provided by many Website Hosting Providers. The web based administrative panel feature is included in the package through which the blog can be continuously managed and the party doing it becomes a webmaster.

WordPress Web Hosting segregates content from layout and designs. The page is distributed into different factions which makes the operational structure easy. There are many Professional Website Hosting providers providing affordable WordPress web hosting services. The features that feature in the web hosting services are free usage, customization, maintenance, endless presentations and novel functionalities. The software usually comes free. The blog program can be downloaded freely and since the source code is open, the platform can be modified freely for suiting requirements. The usage and maintenance are effortless.

The software can be installed through a single click and the administrative panel is very simple on navigation. Through these affordable WordPress web hosting services, the user gets the independence to create plenty of presentations through themes and templates.

There are many benefits of availing Affordable WordPress web hosting services. The opportunities given to a person to create and maintain a content rich website are numerous. The software remains extremely simple to use and uncomplicated to operate. The user is ensured of the experience of a lifetime and the blog will almost become self operational. This implies that all the changes and alterations that need to be carried out will be done through the control panel. This annihilates the possibility of the developer troubling himself to do the needful and make changes.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Select Professional Website Hosting?

A Professional Website Hosting service is crucial if you are a business owner to guarantee that your site: is by no means offline and unavailable to your consumers loads quick avoiding frustration caused by slow loading (and avoids any search engine penalty for slow loading).

Unless you are just beginning a new organization you will possibly need more than a standard shared hosting account. Even if your business is new and a shared service is ok it is still critical that your hosting provider provides an upgrade path to follow as you grow.

The 1st upgrade from a shared account may well be to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. This indicates that a server is configured such that numerous consumers are hosted on a single server but the resources are split rather than shared i.e. they all have their own mini server. By using a virtual private server, Professional Website Hosting businesses can offer modest businesses the performance, security, and control of a dedicated server at a lower cost.

Later you may possibly outgrow VPS Hosting and need your own dedicated server. Here you really have a physical server (which you could get to choose the specification of) for your sole use.

You need to be aware that as you upgrade, the services of the hosting organization might change. For example, a hosting firm could backup their shared servers but if you have a dedicated server backups may be up to you.

As well as the physical infrastructure you will also require to take into account a website host’s software infrastructure. If you have your web site developed professionally your developers will specify the requirements and your internet site host will require to match these.

The most crucial is regardless of whether Linux or Microsoft hosting is needed (this choice is not connected with your PC operating system).

Linux is utilized for approximately 80% of web servers and might be slightly cheaper since it is open source. Linux also has a reputation for speed and stability. It supports a wide range of software, applications, languages, and databases such as PHP, Perl, PostGre, MySQL. Even so, it cannot accommodate some Microsoft technologies.

The primary reason for utilizing a Windows environment is that it can run Microsoft software such as Access and MS SQL databases. This will also be required if your developers use Microsoft programming environments like Active Server Pages and Visual Basic Scripts.

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